Stick RPG 2Are you ready guys? I have awesome news for you! XGen Studios has released new version of famous and well-known game – Stick RPG 2! It is already here and I must say game is epic.

Unlike previous version of the game we can definitely see HUGE improvement of game interface which includes: graphics of the game, sounds and voices in the game and other small fixes. But, fixed graphics is not only change which they have made, in this second version of the game you have opportunity to select more professions, you can complete more quests and also Paper Thin City hold a lot of mysterious secrets, revealing all of them is truly hard, but in the end it is extremely interesting.

Game also comes with a lot of stats, like your health condition, your education level and your wealth. You can improve all these listed stats and make you character famous persona in the city.

Game also has a lot of dangerous missions, those of you who love thrill can enjoy it fully and those of you who prefer relaxation and fun can always follow peaceful path of the game, choice is yours!

Unlike other complicated RPG games, this one is really enjoyable and simple, it has a lot of interesting stuff in it and people give it high ratings.